Big Trucks And Commercial Vehicles Cause Devastation

Handling cases against 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles require a special expertise. The United States Department of Transportation imposes extensive and specific safety requirements on truckers and the carriers who employ them. A car accident is scary enough. Now imagine magnifying the impact of that accident by thousands of pounds. A truck accident can cause serious injuries, and it is normal to be overwhelmed and scared. Most folks don’t know what to do, or how to protect their rights. Jon Alworth of The Alworth Law Firm, in Houston has decades of experience with these types of cases across the state of Texas. We are not afraid of a challenge and will honestly evaluate your case.

Jon has won numerous personal injury cases against 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles, resulting in millions of dollars in recovery, including a jury verdict that resulted in a $6 million judgment. Jon is an experienced trial attorney, and he has recovered millions against 18-wheeler drivers and the companies they drive for. While we have exceptional negotiating skills, we stand ready and able to take your case to a jury, if that’s what’s necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve!

Understanding the rules governing 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles come from years of experience. The Alworth Law Firm has a network of experts to help prove liability on both the driver and the company that employs them. Understanding those rules and regulations can make all the difference in establishing liability, as trucking companies all too often do not follow the safety regulations regarding their equipment and their drivers.

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