The construction industry is one of the pillars of society. Skilled tradespeople construct institutions, office and residential buildings of every scope and scale across this country.

With all this intense activity occurring in such a confined space, many different circumstances can lead to an accident. This includes incorrect tool use, implementing the wrong procedure or a lapse of concentration. This can result in minor to severe injuries. If you’re a construction worker, you need to take the appropriate measures to protect yourself on the job.

Common construction site accidents

Federal and state safety laws require construction companies to institute safe workplace procedures, but accidents still happen. The result of a workplace accident can be a lifelong and career-ending injury. Workers need to be conscientious and attentive to avoid these types of accidents.

  • Collisions with vehicles and equipment: Trucks, cranes and other heavy equipment can be responsible for striking workers. In addition, equipment, tools and materials can fall from scaffolds and injure or kill workers.
  • Failing scaffolding: Workers must erect scaffolds according to strict OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines. But even with such standards, machinery can bump and damage scaffolds so they are not properly anchored.
  • Falls from work sites: OSHA requires the use of safety harnesses, but workers still suffer falls due to faulty machinery, damaged scaffolding and more.
  • Electric shocks andelectrocutions: Generators, lighting and other equipment require an enormous electrical current. Sometimes this equipment can fail and emit serious shocks or possibly electrocute a worker.
  • Caught in-between: Workers must pour building foundations and companies must dig trenches to install footings. When a trench cave-in occurs, the sliding earth can bury workers.

A construction site needs to be safe as well as efficient and productive. Leadership, foremen and workers should implement safety measures to prevent accidents and work stoppages. Most construction companies strive to keep workers safe and healthy.

Workers cannot eliminate all risks on the job, but they can take steps to make the work site as safe as possible. However, if you do suffer a workplace injury, workers’ comp insurance will provide the necessary resources for you to rehabilitate and return to the job.