Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic Brain Injuries range from mild to severe. Of course, a brain injury is only “mild” if the injury is not to your own brain. Closed head injuries can occur through all types of trauma. Jon Alworth has extensive experience handling cases involving traumatic brain injuries, including obtaining a $6 million verdict in an 18-wheeler case resulting in a so-called “minor brain injury”.

Brain injuries can produce a vast array of difficulties for a person suffering a closed head injury. We are all familiar with the term concussion. A concussion can result from any alteration of consciousness, you don’t have to be knocked out. Hospitals will usually perform a CT scan when they suspect a closed head injury. Many people who suffer permanent traumatic brain injuries have a normal result on a CT Scan.

Despite the normal result, they have continuing problems with memory, emotions and/or cognitive function. An experienced lawyer knows how to have these issues evaluated and proven before a jury. Jon Alworth has worked with many neuropsychologists to prove the nature and extent of traumatic brain injuries.

People who sustain traumatic brain injuries, and who have CT Scans of MRIs that demonstrate lesions on the brain, often suffer long term consequences from moderate or severe brain injuries. Jon Alworth has extensive experience working with treating physicians and retained experts to prove the long-term consequences of these injuries, and recovering damages to provide the necessary medical care victims of closed head injuries so desperately need.

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If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury, we understand the devastating consequences this may have on your life. It is imperative that you seek legal advice and competent, skilled representation. Jon Alworth and his staff know and understand the law, and Jon has worked with medical and vocational experts for decades to prove his clients’ damages. A skilled negotiator, Jon also has vast courtroom experience in Houston and throughout the state of Texas.

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