Explosions Have Severe Consequences

Explosions happen a lot more frequently than people realize. Natural gas pipelines run throughout the state of Texas, and gas is piped into most of our homes. Explosions occur frequently in the oil field, in refineries and in chemical plants. Salt domes located around Texas store vast quantities of petroleum products. Within seconds, an explosion can cause massive injuries, death and immense property damage. If you or a loved one has been involved in an explosion, you need experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate representation.

Attorney Jon Alworth’s three decades of experience representing individuals and families across Texas speaks for itself. Most notably, Jon represented over 1,500 victims in the massive Brenham salt dome explosion. We helped the families recover over $49 million in damages for property damage alone.

During the case, Jon volunteered to represent the Brenham Concerned Citizens and Wesley Concerned Citizens before the Railroad Commission of Texas. We successfully fought the pipeline company and denied their right to reopen after causing such massive damage. Jon Alworth also successfully represented property owners in a Grand Prairie gas explosion, recovering $2.7 million for damages to their homes. In another pipeline explosion, Alworth recovered $7.6 million for a family who had lost a loved one.

Explosions cause devastation to property and to people. Obviously, explosions can cause death, thermal burn injuries, brain injuries, injuries to the pulmonary system, broken bones, and hearing loss and a condition caused tinnitus. If you have been impacted by an explosion, you need a lawyer experienced in the courtroom, who understands and can prove the causes of the explosion, and who also understands and can prove all of the medical consequences associated with explosions.

What To Do After An Explosion

Explosions are often complex events with many potential parties at fault. Jon Alworth has extensive experience in handling all aspect of the devastating consequences of explosions. It is important to act quickly, and to secure all available evidence at the earliest possible opportunity. We can not only act immediately to prove who caused the explosion, but also fight for your rights, no matter how big the corporation of insurance companies on the other side.

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